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9 October 2023

A Monumental Step

LOOPS Table Tennis Joins Hands with China Table Tennis College Shanghai In a historic meeting that marked the beginning of a groundbreaking collaboration, LOOPS Table Tennis, a leading name in the Australian table tennis scene, took its first momentous stride towards partnering with China Table Tennis College Shanghai (CTTC). The meeting saw the convergence of visionary minds and dedicated individuals who share a deep passion for the sport of table tennis. At the helm of this promising partnership were Simon Gerada, Melissa Tapper, Joe Gerada, and Oscar Zheng of LOOPS TTC, joined by Gen Doorman of Table Tennis Victoria.

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26 September 2023

LOOPS Update – Simon Gerada

If you've been following LOOPS and my journey, you know I occasionally share updates on our activities and vision. As I enter my second week at the helm of this incredible team, I'm thrilled to provide you with some insights. Our team is a diverse and dynamic force, comprising over 80 individuals, spanning from talented 5-year-olds to experienced seniors in their 60s. Notably, we have five team members currently overseas. Finn and Xavier are stationed in Germany, with Finn impressively clinching a victory in the French league against Marcos Madrid. Xavier, on the other hand, secured three wins out of four in Germany over the weekend.

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26 March 2023


LOOPS Table Tennis powered by HWATT are looking for motivated coaches with the ambition to be a part of its growing organisation including new facilities in locations across Australia.

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