Know your ping from your pong, but still have some questions about our venue, membership or competitions? Get all the answers to our most common questions below.

Still have a question that you can't find the answer to? Feel free to contact us info@loopstabletennis.com

  • Child Safety Policy

    A Child Safety policy has been written to demonstrate the strong commitment of the management, staff and volunteers of HWATT/LOOPS TT (“the Organisation”) to child safety and to provide an outline of the policies and practices the Organisation has developed to keep everyone safe from any harm, including abuse.

    Read our “Child Safety Policy” here.


    Contained in the attached COVID-19 Risk Management and Community Safety Plan are the principles and requirements to enable a return to operations at LOOPS Table Tennis powered by HWATT(TTA).

    Maximum consideration is given to risk mitigation across all areas of LOOPS Table Tennis powered by HWATT operations.

    View Safety Plan here.


    In order for Loops powered by HWATT to adhere to the Victorian government’s directions, and therefore remain open the attached terms and conditions must be adhered too.

    Arrive ready with a completed “RE-ENTRY TO LOOPS TT – DIRECTION” form.

    Download and print here.

  • What does parking cost?

    It’s free! We have secured parking on 618 Somerville Road after 5:30pm with more than fifty places available, if thats full why not try ABC which is situated right across the road from us.

  • What is the easiest way to get involved?

    Try our Friday night SPECIAL which is a free session for all new players to use and learn the game, use our robots, play with other beginners or bring a long a friend. Friday night is proudly supported for the Victorian State Government and Table Tennis Victoria.

  • How do I join?

    Come in and meet our team or give us a call. We believe in first impressions. Alternatively you can also sign up online to have your account waiting for your arrival.

  • Can I hire rackets from LOOPS?

    Absolutely! And unlike anywhere else, you will be provided only the best quality hire rackets. Alternatively why not purchase your very own from one of our staff the next time you are in.

  • What if I don’t have someone to play with?

    How about downloading the ROVO app to find a partner or try come in on a Sunday, use our robots and you might find a new friend or two. Or ask us about and try our Friday night sessions.

  • Can I fill in or be a replacement for pennant / league?

    Absolutely, with 125 players playing weekly there is always a spot due to someone falling ill, going away or other commitments. Try your luck and in the worst case you’ll be able to have a social hit, have a cuppa and enjoy some matches.

  • What's with the dog and what's his name?

    Well… Duke! Our founders Melissa Tapper and Simon Gerada have had Duke since birth and since he basically sleeps until meal time, he’s pretty much always gone anywhere and everywhere they go.

    Say hi next time your in. He loves a pat under the ear and loves a cuddle even more.

  • How do I find my ranking / rating?

    Click here to check out the latest league / pennant standings and ladders or visit Ratings Central to see your overall player rating.

  • What is TTV or TTA?

    TTV is the sports state governing body whilst TTA in the National Governing body. LOOPS and HWATT are affiliated to TTV (Table Tennis Victoria) and TTA (Table Tennis Australia).

  • I'm traveling from the other side of the bridge. Are there alternative ways?

    Well sort of. Have you tried using Somerville Road? Somerville Road brings you to Williamstown Road and can sometimes save you a lot of time if we have road works on the M1

  • Am I insured to play at LOOPS?

    Each year you will be asked to renew your membership with LOOPS which will include player insurance in case of an injury. All claims are to be done directly with the insurer.

  • Can I enter for an event or training online?

    In most cases an email can be sent requested registration for events, simply include your member number and the event you would like to be entered for. However, try using our waiver forms by entering online. Either way, its easy and the choice is yours.

  • How can I apply for work with the team at LOOPS?

    LOOPS are always on the look out for staff, whether it’s in the line of coaching, cafe, management or IT. Simply send your resume to info@loopstabletennis.com with a cover letter applying for a role.

  • Does LOOPS offer any accommodation for visiting players?

    We can help you find an accommodation option, where it’s for a weekend or for a few months, for one person or your whole family. Click here to learn more.