TTA today announced the launch of a new national event series, called the TTA Tour and head LOOPS coach is simply delighted. “Wow, the TTA TOUR”! An opportunity for aspiring juniors to become recognised on the Australian scene in a live-streamed, singles event only, major prize money relative to Australian events, capped entry to ensure fully timed matches, with event schedules and draws done in advance, played over one weekend, with each age group played in a designated timeslot, open to all, irrespective of citizenship status” said Joe Gerada

The likes of Tapper, Dixon, Luu, will definitely feature in the senior events, whilst we also have a strong contingent in the junior space with Quah, the Green sisters, Cherry, Noura and Buddhadasa. However it was the likes of Averaj Singh, Izak Ooi, Jayden Deng, Tedj, and Lilly as examples that really excites Joe when thinking about the tour.

“The tour will provide the younger guys a clear pathway, win at state level, then try your luck in the National Tour, do well and you might find your self in the National Team” Joe said.

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