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Fifteen years of coaching, care, passion and excellence is what the SGTTA is. LOOPS TT are delighted to have unveiled and recognised the twenty-eight National Team members on an honours board hung high at LOOPS….

“The credits are an impressive sight to see, with Olympians, Comm Games Gold medalist and National Champions being highlighted but it’s the constant growth through dedication and passion from the players, parents and coaches that really stand out” said Ashley Robinson.

Robinson continues, “I’ve been involved in TT for some twenty years now, the level of Australian TT is high and to be a part of this club and see what has been achieved says a lot and will be a reminder to all kids that enter LOOPS that results come through hard work.”

Why Table Tennis and why LOOPS? Table tennis is a fun, social and low-impact sport that provides great exercise for both body and brain. LOOPS has years of experience teaching this sport to help you enjoy these benefits.



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