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As 2022 draws to an end, a final event was held over the weekend in Traralgon with several key LOOPS athletes keen to make a final bid at progress for the 2023 season. Aaron Nguyen, Samyukt Vinodhkumar, Gabriella Osvath, Alice and Anne Zheng were amongst the nine athlete crew to make the trip to Traralgon and they were not disappointed with the overall result. With a net increase in ratings central of 86 points across the squad, this following consecutive 400+ point events on the TTV Tournament circuit, coach Joe Gerada was pleased with the overall progress but in particular with the way the squad and his program are improving on and off the court.

“We expected to see another jump in results and performance at this event, we have spent a lot of time working from the ground up and to see the results are still tracking upwards at the end of the season provides me with optimism for the 2023 season during peak periods”. Joe Gerada said.

The LOOPS Squad recently announced its plan to continue work through to the 22nd of December, with a short break for xmas before resuming on the 2nd of January with the periodisation plan set to repeat and capitalise on the last three month period.

“It has been hard-hitting for the kids, we’ve really worked hard as a squad and the results have come through which gives us confidence to simply repeat the process but also use the information gathered from the past three months and mould the squad individually for the February start to the season”. Joe continued.

In addition to the strong performances on the court, LOOPS TTC was also excited to announce their 2023 program offering which includes the signing of key coaches, facility upgrades and support for its identified, developing and performing athletes.

“We’ve signed on Sui Deng, Hannah and Olivia Green again for 2023, David Loi will return in early January to stabilise and continue our progress, as well as we will announce our athlete support packages in February continuing on from the 2022 support which included funding assistance for athletes international travel valued at over $5k, equipment support valued at over $15k, international coach allocation valued at over $2k, event bonuses and promotional activities valued at $2k and domestic coach allocation valued at over $5k” Joe said.

“We will also instal a heating system in the foyer area in time for winter.” as parents continue to enjoy the atmosphere at LOOPS during training he continued. “We delivered new barriers in 2022, and also have the goal to continue to upgrade our tables”

LOOPS now have a mixture of Andro and DHS tables, however it is planned to have three types by the end of 2023 for bounce variety to assist in athlete training with the inclusion of Tibhar tables.

All in all, 2022 was a year that provided consistency, growth and simply put was just good to be back for the full year. The LOOPS TTC End of Year BBQ is scheduled for this coming Saturday with all LOOPS members past and present welcome to enjoy each other company. Entry requires a racket or smile!


Samyukt Vinodhkumar winner u/11 Boys Singles 

Gabriella Osvath winner u/19 Girls Singles 

Alice Zheng winner u/9 & u/11 Girls Singles 

Anne Zheng winner u/13 Girls Singles 

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