LOOPS offers a wide range of events including teams, individual, rated and non-rated. Social events are held daily, so you’ll be sure to find a suitable time, day and level to get started.

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21 January 2019, 9:00am

Table Tennis Australia & HWATT will conduct a four (4) day training camp leading in to the event with ITTF Expert Coaches and Table Tennis Australia's National Head Coach – John Murphy

To be eligible to win a place in the ITTF-Hopes week players need to be born in 2007 or 2008. Players born later may apply to participate in the 2019 National Hopes Challenge Boys Singles and Girls Singles which will be played in a round robin format structure whereby two stages of matches will be played by each player, the first stage will be played as groups of 3 or preferably 4 athletes with the top two players progressing through the stage, followed by a second group stage playing for final positions.

The winner of the 2019 National Hopes Boys singles & the 2019 National Hopes Girls Singles will receive entry to attend the 2019 ITTF Oceania Hopes Challenge scheduled for 23-28 April in Hamilton, New Zealand subject to eligibility according to ITTF regulations. In order to be granted entry into the 2019 Oceania Hopes Challenge and to receive TTA’s financial contribution of $500, the qualified player(s) must commit to their participation in the Oceania Hopes Challenge at the conclusion of the 2019 National Hopes Challenge. If the winner[s] are unable to attend the ITTF Oceania Hopes Challenge this will result in the entry being awarded to the next highest place finisher who is able to attend.
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Pennant Season 4

4 February 2019, Pennant held weekly

Enter now to avoid disappointment with LOOPS pennants filling fast and more than 110 people now participating weekly. LOOPS pennant offers many advantages including spare tables to complete matches before 10:00pm, three singles matches nightly managed by our expert team of professionals. LOOPS pennants are currently being held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, navigate your self through our levels of competition with Tuesday nights intro event, Monday advanced and Wednesday Super Advanced. Register

TTV Veterans Circuit

18 August 2019, Enquire for details

Would you like to challenge your self against the best in Victoria? Do you think you have what it takes to be a State Team or National Team member? LOOPS powered by HWATT attend many of the Victorian Veteran events held throughout the state on a regular basis, whilst our team are a formidable opponent to the state and we encourage participation we recommend you become a minimum 500 point player on the rating central list and understand the days can be long before attending. Ask one of our staff members for more details. Register